Common 5S hair factory’s problems in the hair extensions market


Common problems in the hair extensions market, specifically 5S hair factory below will explain to you some of the reasons why the hair extensions market always has such erratic variables.

5S hair factory

5S hair factory: The general demand of hair extensions market

Since the market of hair extensions was introduced into Asia and appeared in Vietnam until now, 5S hair factory has been at the forefront of bringing hair extensions products to gradually integrate in the Vietnamese market and is still taking steps to develop in the world market.

When the demand for hair extensions in the domestic market as well as in foreign markets increases, it is also the time that 5S Hair – The Best Vietnamese Hair Factory offers high-quality products for hair dealers to find in the Vietnamese hair extensions market. With such a big demand, the first problem that appears is the competition right in the hair extension market in Vietnam. More and more wholesale markets appear with many hair wholesalers and hair extension factories, which has caused a lot of competition for the 5S hair factory.

Common 5S hair factory’s problems in the hair extensions market

After the general needs of the current hair extension market, let’s take a look at what are the common 5S hair factory’s problems today.

5S hair factory: The explode of the hair extension market

The hair extension market has made strong changes in recent times after many years of being introduced to the Vietnamese market.

The explode of hair extension market
  • The demand for hair extensions from customers is increasing, in fact this can be considered a success of the hair extensions market in Vietnam, but in another aspect it has created a huge competition, especially in the field of hair extensions for a market as big as the 5S hair factory.
  • The products that 5S hair factory sells are all strictly tested in terms of quality and price, so they are often loved a lot. As a result, many products have been counterfeited, causing the reputation of the prestigious market in Vietnam to be greatly reduced due to the surrounding impacts.
  • Along with the demand being pushed up so quickly, the supply also decreased significantly. Since Vietnamese society has changed drastically, becoming more civilized and developed, the demand for hair sales has not appeared much in the market anymore. The 5S hair factory is one of the leading markets in Vietnam, so the source of high quality products is extremely important. Therefore, when the supply of goods is seriously reduced, the 5S hair factory falls into a passive position and has to find many alternative solutions.

5S hair factory: The affection of pandemic

Since the epidemic broke out around the world, trade has become difficult, leading to many hair extensions markets in Vietnam experiencing economic crisis.

The affection of the pandemic
  • The epidemic has caused the business of all markets to change because it was too heavily affected. The 5S hair factory has also been slow to develop in the last 2 years when the epidemic in Vietnam still has many unresolved problems. Moreover, the export of hair extensions to the world market has also become more difficult when the movement between countries is almost completely blocked.
  • The impact of the epidemic prevented the workers of the 5S hair factory’s hair extension factory from coming to the factory. This caused a great loss for 5S hair factory when they couldn’t make a product but still had to pay costs to maintain and maintain the factory, so 5S hair factory’ capital was stopped for many months.
  • The inability to produce as well as the impact of the disease caused the transportation and export systems of goods to be halted. 5S hair factory’s products as well as orders are almost frozen when unable to export to other hair extension markets in the world. Since then, the 5S hair factory can’t recover capital as well as make a profit. The time of the pandemic was the time when the 5S hair factory as well as many hair extension markets in Vietnam fell into a serious economic crisis.

How to fix these problems of 5S hair factory

5S hair factory has implemented many contingency plans in advance such as building warehouses to always have inventory in stock when needed. especially the treatment of hair extensions so that it can be preserved for a long time and still retain the original structure. Moreover, 5S hair factory also pays great attention to the development of online communication channels because during the pandemic, the digital system is the strength of every market today. Those plans have helped 5S hair factory a significant part in re-establishing the system after the heavy effects of the covid pandemic.