Facts about Robusta coffee beans wholesale supplier


Robusta coffee beans wholesale plays a vital part in the coffee market. It is important to understand about this coffee, especially how to connect with reliable Robusta coffee beans wholesalers.

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  • Top Robusta coffee beans wholesale suppliers in the world


Instant coffee mixes and espresso that are important to make coffee drinks are made from Robusta coffee beans. For that reason, the annual demand for Robusta coffee is great, accounting for about 20% of the total coffee production.


  • Vietnam


Vietnam is a reputable provider in the global coffee market due to its great quality coffee at a competitive price and consistent annual output. Vietnam has taken second place in world coffee output for the last three years, but it ranked first in exporting Robusta in 2020, with about 1.44 million MT, accounting for almost 56 percent of worldwide Robusta exports. Robusta coffee accounts for around 95 percent of Vietnam’s coffee exports, with vast quantities of high-quality coffee produced on a global scale. This excellent coffee is supplied by well-known Vietnamese coffee companies such as K-Agriculture, Trung Nguyen Legend, Vinacafe,… and is exported to high-demand countries such as the EU, America, and Japan.


  • Uganda


Uganda is the home of Robusta coffee. Uganda coffee now is present on the menus of many worldwide famous coffee brands, including Starbucks, Blue Bottle, and others. Uganda Robusta coffee grows slowly to collect more nutrients for fruits at an appropriate altitude of 1290-3000 meters above sea level, making Uganda coffee unique. According to world statistics, in 2019/20 Uganda’s Robusta bean exports increased by 25.9 percent to 0.24 million MT.


  • Indonesia


Coffee is currently an important product in Indonesia’s agricultural economy. According to world coffee statistics, the Indonesian quantity of green Robusta beans exports climbed up to 31% to 0.24 million MT in 2019/20.


  • How to identify the reputable Robusta coffee beans wholesalers


A reputable Robusta coffee beans wholesale supplier needs to be certified and able to meet your demand.


  • A reputable  wholesale supplier is a certified business


As the third most consumed drink in the world, coffee is heavily regulated. For this reason, wholesale coffee beans suppliers must be approved by many related authorities such as the authorities of trading, authorities of agriculture or health and food. A permitted Robusta coffee beans wholesale supplier has to meet requirements from these agencies to be able to trade coffee.


  • International certificates are the good sign of a trustworthy Robusta coffee beans wholesale supplier


Wholesale rice suppliers with many certificates recognized by most of the countries, such as HACCP, ISO or Global GAP, … proven that they are supplying high quality products and care to the environment and people.


  • A good wholesale supplier works with reputable partners.


A business with loyal customers who are ready to introduce it to others must be a reliable supplier. Moreover, the Robusta coffee beans wholesale suppliers’ partners can be science institutes who support the product development and consult about cultivating methods.


  • Signs of an unreliable Robusta coffee beans wholesalers.


The price given by your Robusta coffee beans wholesalers shouldn’t be too low. With coffee, as an agricultural product, the price fluctuates based on harvesting seasons, and the harvest itself.

A lack of transparency on documentation and contract of the rice supplier. In the document, there are some indicators of scammers:

  • Unclear basic information such as: term of delivery, term of payment, specification of the product
  • Request for or always push a large deposit or early payment, often T/T payment is preferred
  • Request for excessive information
  • Do not provide testing sample


  • K-Agriculture – a good choice for Robusta coffee beans wholesale


K-Agriculture is a leading Robusta coffee beans wholesale exporter in Vietnam with more than 20 years of experience in producing, manufacturing and exporting outstanding Vietnamese agricultural products such as coffee, rice, spices, …. All of their agricultural products are certified by both domestic and international organizations such as: HACCP, ISO, Vietpresso, … Moreover, thanks to the coffee farm and factories chain across Vietnam, Robusta beans of K-Agriculture are not only of the top-tier quality but also have the most competitive price compared to those supplied by others in the market.  

Quality is King

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