Everything to know about finding and trading with cinnamon suppliers


 Many business leaders are keen on selling cinnamon products, but they struggle to find the right cinnamon suppliers. This post will be a complete guide to help them with this task. 

Defining cinnamon suppliers and where they are located

Cinnamon suppliers are known as the factories or companies that manufacture and sell different types of cinnamon products. Cinnamon has many popular applications in cooking and other pharmaceutical uses. Therefore, it is a highly profitable good with great demands. 

Most cinnamon suppliers are located in Asian countries – where most of the cinnamon supplies come from, namely Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and India. 

Cinnamon products are now produced the most in the following six countries: China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Seychelles, and India.

Common products that cinnamon suppliers provide

Cassia and Ceylon are the most common types that cinnamon suppliers can provide. The former is much more popular due to its reasonable price and is grown in China, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Meanwhile, Ceylon cinnamon is rarer and pricier, it is mostly grown and produced in Sri Lanka.

There is a variety of cinnamon products, but the main ones are cinnamon bark, cinnamon powder, and varieties of cinnamon sticks. The health benefits and uses of these products, however, remain similar. 

Cinnamon factory

Criteria to judge cinnamon suppliers

When looking for cinnamon suppliers, you should check the following points to ensure they are reliable: 

The credibility of cinnamon suppliers 

  • Business information: Cinnamon suppliers should have a real address and clear contact information
  • Transparency in their cooperation procedures: Cinnamon suppliers must prove they have a source of raw materials and transparent offers 
  • Legal issues: You can check if the cinnamon suppliers are linked with any legal trouble, or ready their contracts to see how well they obey the law. 

The quality of products provided by cinnamon suppliers

The supplies should follow quality parameters, have a warranty policy, and be certified by well-known agencies. 

The efficiency of cinnamon suppliers

Cinnamon suppliers need to complete their orders in time, make sure the delivery reaches their customers, and actively exchange with customers throughout the process. You can check this information by asking the supplier’s previous partners. 

The price of cinnamon suppliers

The price policy of cinnamon suppliers should not be too high or low compared to their competitors, remain stable and consistent across all documents. A significant price change should be informed to the client and payment methods must also be clear. 

The quality of cinnamon suppliers’ customer support

This can be evaluated based on the quality and speed of response, as well as the staff’s attitude and understanding of their own products.

A guide to finding trustworthy cinnamon suppliers

Platforms to find and contact cinnamon suppliers range from agricultural trade fairs, middleman companies, e-commerce sites, to social media. You can also visit them directly at their address.

Cinnamon suppliers that try to scam you may have the signs below

  • They give you unclear or no company information
  • They push you to make payments early
  • They cannot prove to have a profound understanding of their products and services 

Steps of cooperation with cinnamon suppliers

To best benefit your businesses, we recommend that you follow these steps when you start working with your chosen cinnamon in bulk suppliers

  • Step 1: Doing careful research on cinnamon suppliers and their products
  • Step 2: Negotiating with the supplier to reach a reasonable price
  • Step 3: Signing a contract after having carefully reviewed it
  • Step 4: Making payments with the chosen method
  • Step 5: Receiving the delivery and checking its quality
  • Step 6: Giving comments and feedbacks to the cinnamon suppliers

Top 5 reliable cinnamon suppliers

If business leaders are still uncertain about which cinnamon suppliers to choose, check out our list of 5 outstanding companies.


K-Agriculture is one of the largest and most prestigious cinnamon suppliers in Vietnam. With almost 20 years of experience in the export field, it has a streamlined manufacturing process that generates cinnamon products of the highest quality. Its supplies are appreciated and trusted by partners from around the world.


You can reach out to K-Agriculture for more information via their email address: info@k-agriculture.com, or phone number: +84 855555837 or Gab: https://gab.com/Kagriculturecompany

G.C Food

GC Food Joint Stock Company was established in 2007. 


SUNRISE INS Co., Ltd. is capable of manufacturing and providing large quantities of agricultural products, including cinnamon. 


Visimex Joint Stock Company (Visimex., JSC) has had considerable experience in exporting spices and other agricultural goods. 


Founded in 1980, Vilaconic Joint Stock Company has clients from many continents, such as Asia, Africa, and Europe. 

Standards on cinnamon products in different countries

Each region and country will have varying standards concerning cinnamon products. The most demanding products that require a lot of certificates are the US, European countries, Japan, and Korea. They also have different sets of organic standards. Countries with less strict requirements are China and India. They usually lower standards to meet their enormous demands. Meanwhile, Africa and the Middle East tend to have low standards in terms of product quality and pay more attention to the price.