K Hair Company Vietnam: Which hair types are available?


As the demand for beauty products has been rising recently, the hair extensions business becomes a promising investment. The dominant market of this business field is Asian hair market with hundreds of hair vendors located in countries like India, China, Vietnam, Cambodia… In addition, Vietnamese hair distributors are considered to be one of the most favored addresses of consumers around the world thanks to the high-quality products with adequate amount. Fortunately, K Hair Company Vietnam is the most potential nominee for the top position of reliable hair extensions supplement. Are you interested in the Vietnamese market? K Hair Company Vietnam is the most ideal option to take into account.


K Hair Company Vietnam’s extensions are made from 100% human hair. This hair is collected from native condors living in rural and mountainous parts of Vietnam. When compared to other countries’ human hair, Vietnamese human hair is known as the most exquisite hair material because the climate in this nation, combined with the limited use of chemical treatments on the hair, keeps the original hair strong and smooth. After being processed professionally by K Hair Company Vietnam’s secret procedure, this wonderful hair source will become amazing hair extensions.


Provided that you have access to the Internet and a delivery connection, importing hair extensions from this merchant to any location in the world is straightforward. To begin, customers should prepare a list of the things they wish to buy. Then go to K Hair Company Vietnam’s website to collect the supervisor’s contact information, specifically the Whatsapp number. You may ask for more information on the items you’ve listed after communicating with the supplier. The next step is to go over the terms of the hair extension purchase contract. After signing and paying a deposit, you just have to wait for the K Hair Company Vietnam to arrive in your place. If you had better keep in touch with the delivering service provider in order to monitor the time of transportation.


There are some significant K Hair Company Vietnam available on the website. Firstly, it comes to two types of hair extensions: virgin hair and remy hair. In short, virgin hair is provided exclusively by a condor and unprocessed. This hair type has never been dyed, permed or washed while remy hair is made from 100% black hair collected from a group of people with similar qualities, with all threads oriented in the unilateral direction of the cuticles, so the hairline and hair ends are in the same orientation (thanks to natural technique). This hair can be colored, bleached, or permed. The virgin hair of Vietnamese hair factory is mainly imported by European salons for bleaching and dying while the remy hair is widely purchased by American and African customers, especially the ones living in Nigeria, Brazil and so on. There are multiple choices offered when you come to K Hair Company Vietnam: tape in hair, clip in hair, bone straight hair or pixie curls and even ponytail, weft hair and wigs.


If you are confused with those types, we have some basic knowledge about them:

  • Tape in hair: Human hair spreaded and stuck evenly on pieces of tape with special design to become human hair extensions tape in. This hair type does not mix with other hair types or synthetic fiber.    
  • Clip in hair: Small pieces of hair are weaved to the net like a closure and then fixed on the clip, when used, it is attached directly to the hairline.
  • Bone straight hair: The long black hair that being flattened
  • Pixie curls: human hair characterized by deep curled hair strands and a curly hair texture.


  • Ponytail: hair made from pre-tied real hair to increase the thickness and length of the tied hair. Can be tied high or low depending on the needs of use. There are 3 types: Long Romantic Ponytail, Sleek High Ponytail and Double Twisted Ponytail
  • Weft hair: hair that has been sewn or woven on a horizontal strip of fabric to form a bundle of hair extensions. Usually, weft hair is sold in bundles (100 grams per bundle), so the thickness of the hair varies according to its length. First, raw hair is passed through a sewing machine to add a reinforcing weave near the base of each hair. The hair is then folded and woven to create the final horizontal band. The woven hair sections point in the same direction on a seamless line.
  • Wig: a whole covering for the head made of human hair


The cost of human hair is somewhat more than that of synthetic or fabric hair. Furthermore, because pricing corresponds to quality, Vietnamese hair of the highest grade costs more than neighboring human hair such as Chinese, Indian, and Cambodian hair. When it comes to K Hair Company Vietnam, there are a range of prices for consumers to find the grade that is affordable. The price of K Hair Company Vietnam’s human hair extensions vary according to the different levels of length and density.

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