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 When it comes to private information, most people feel sensitive because almost everyone wants to avoid revealing their information. When visiting our website, there is no situation like that because we daily improve our K-Agriculture Privacy Policy. 

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The K-Agriculture Privacy Policy is the purpose that we use your information for and how we keep your information safe and away from fraud.

How do we get your information?

There are some main ways to collect users’ information that our company is using: 

From registration at our website

When you visit us via the website, we ask you about your information such as your name, email, phone number, and shipping address for comfortable buying products, especially when importing high quality Vietnamese cinnamon.

Device information

When visiting our website, you may be noted about what you do on our site and how our site is referred to by other sites (URL or cookies,…)

Order information

If you are interested in our products presented on the website, you may place an order. To make it easier to deliver activities, we must ask you four your receiving address, phone number, or email address to contact you if our order comes across troubles.

What will your information be used for?

We collect your information for variety of purposes, such as:

  • To optimize your demand. When you need help, we will privately respond to you as soon as possible
  • To enhance our website’s experience: we hope to get more feedback from users to improve our quality of services.
  • To resolve conflicts or misunderstandings when working with each other. 
  • To supply you with our latest information about our products so that you can place a qualifying order.

About K-Agriculture’s privacy policy

  • We will not send or reveal even your basic information to others in any situation.
  • We will keep your information in a security network that is highly secured that can avoid hackers or scammers getting it.
  • If there is a problem related to law that requires public information, we will contact you soon and completely follow the law.


Your choice

The foremost condition when operating a business is prestige and legal assurance on both sides. Our K- Agriculture goal is satisfaction, convenience, and success when customers come to us. 

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