Long grain rice: Benefits of different types of rice


In Asian meals, long grain rice is indispensable. Customers seemingly do not know all things about the type of long grain rice they are consuming and its benefits. Long grain rice does wonder for human’s health.


  • Long grain rice: An overview


Not only is a food, but long grain rice also has many unexpected uses, both good for body and mind.


  • Definition of long grain rice


Long grain rice has an oblong shape, thin grain with a length of 8 mm. Rice is transparent, white or brown. When boiled, it absorbs a moderate amount of liquid, loosens, does not boil. The highest quality and healthiest grains are transparent and long.

Long grain rice


  • Advantages and features of long grain rice


Long grain rice differs from round grain not only in the shape of the grain but also in the amount of starch. The low content makes long grain rice more useful and delicious, in the process of cooking the rice grains do not stick together, do not boil, keep their original shape.

Dark long grain rice varieties are rich in fiber, which has been successfully used in gluten-free diets, helping to reduce body weight and improve digestion. Black cereal containing magnesium normalizes blood pressure, improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system., normalizes the stomach, eliminates heartburn and nausea.


  • Leading products of long grain rice


For a delicious and healthy meal, the type of long grain rice is chosen according to the recipe and personal preference.


  • Jasmine rice


Jasmine rice is white with a jasmine scent, which is unusual for this grain. Before cooking, wash the rice, cook at a ratio of 1: 1.5 with low heat to cook long grain rice. They are used to prepare spicy dishes and desserts, salads and accompaniments to aromatic dishes. The calorie content of jasmine is 332 kcal per 100 g.


  • Basmati rice


The grain is long, thin, yellow, with a characteristic aroma. To remove excess starch and achieve friability, basmati rice is washed thoroughly before cooking. Cook this long grain rice according to the standard method with a ratio of 1:2 to water, do not stir during cooking so that the grains do not stick together. The calorie content of basmati is 322 kcal per 100 g.


  • ST rice


ST rice has a characteristic scent, when eaten, it has a sweet taste and ST rice is very soft. In specific, when cooled, this long grain rice is still delicious and not hard. ST rice will bring make eater full quickly, help you lose weight effectively and metabolism takes place better. The calorie content of ST rice is 354 kcal per 100 g.


  • Where to buy long grain rice?


The long rice grains are little, but they are classified as a staple food in the daily meal, so they are sold in many channels.

  • In supermarket

Nowadays, long grain rice is sold in every supermarket because of its popularity. Supermarkets sell many different brands of long grain rice with high quality. Nonetheless, customers should recognize fake products that have the same packaging.

  • Contact long grain rice distributors

More and more long grain rice distributors are available on every channels to connect with customers because rice demand is enormous. Long grain rice is in the product list of many distributors that consumers should contact directly to buy in bulk.

  • Through the internet

Long grain rice is consumed across the world, so internet is the best place for global customers to buy long grain rice. Alibaba, Tridge, Go4world are some popular platforms where long grain rice is available with different prices and qualities.


  • Reliable brands of long grain rice


Here are some trustworthy and reputable long grain rice brands that customers can take them into consideration.


  • Royal White Basmati Rice


Royal White Basmati Rice is probably the best buy for an Indian rice. After all, A great aspect of this brand is that this long grain rice is aged for one year, which means it has extra flavor. It is deemed one of the best because of its short cooking time (20 minutes) and its versatility. 


  • K-Agriculture


This brand provides long grain rice with high quality. K-Agriculture’s rice products have unique features in flavor, taste, and is certified by GMO, HACCP. With 25-year history of exporting Vietnamese agricultural products to the world, K-Agriculture long grain rice is well-known and consumed by many customers.


If you are interested in K-Agriculture’s products, feel free to contact us via:

Email: info@k-agriculture.com

Website: https://k-agriculture.com/

WhatsApp: +84 855555694


  • Lundberg Family Farms


Lundberg Family Farms is a company that provides many different rice products. Their organic long grain brown rice is one of the best in the market, because it is certified organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO verified. Lundberg Family Farms long grain rice is also free of additives and contains only one ingredient.