Ombre hair extension: New hairstyle in the hair extension vendors


Hair extension products with many colors currently on the market are not too strange. But a product as outstanding as ombre hair extensions has become very new recently.

Ombre hair extension

Overview about Ombre hair extension

Ombre hair extension was launched recently with the modern development of society, so the beauty trend of people is also gradually changing. This hairstyle has been around for a long time but has emerged as a trend when used by famous artists. That has created the effect for ombre hair extension so that the hair extension market can grasp the trend and develop it in the best way.

And with the boom of this product, the hair extension market continues to expand its growth and reap huge profits in addition to increasing production. Ombre hair extension is increasingly invested to be able to diversify in terms of colors and designs of products.

Why should you buy a Ombre hair extension?

Many people often ask the question “why should I buy this product”, so below will answer these questions for you.

Ombre hair extension is so trendy

As a consumer in the new era, it is also very important whether your product is a current trend or not.

Ombre hair extension is so trendy
  • It is a fact that ombre hair extension products are not a natural hair color. It is a combination of professional skills in the field of hair extensions along with a break in traditional hair coloring. If in the past, changing the hair color to one hair color was very hot, then surely in today’s era, it is not too strange for the hair color to be mixed with 2 or more colors.
  • Changing your hair color will not only give you a new look, but it can also help you set yourself apart from the crowd. Instead of just changing a monotonous hair color, you can completely make your hair stand out, not just with a single color. Ombre hair extension is the perfect combination of aesthetics as well as color harmony. The colors designed on ombre hair extension products are specifically studied for the color suitability as well as the customer’s preference for these colors.
  • And this hairstyle has only appeared recently, so if you want to try this outstanding but equally unique hair, you should try ombre hair extension right away. Currently, when ombre hair extension products are sold on the market, they all receive extremely positive feedback along with receiving a lot more top purchases than the products currently available on the hair extension market.

Pros and cons of Ombre hair extension

Let’s find out what this product has outstanding features and points that need to be overcome:

Pros and cons of Ombre hair extension
  • About the advantages of ombre hair extension, first of all, it must be said about aesthetics. This can be said to be the most aesthetically pleasing product on the hair extension market today. With normal ombre hair extension, there will be 2 colors that are blended together and create a beautiful ombre effect. With products designed with 3 or more colors, there will be more variation depending on the color range of different hair extensions.
  • With ombre hair extension products, it will definitely suit many different objects. With today’s young people, this product will definitely bring excitement as well as love because of its personality. For those who use ombre hair extension products, they will clearly see the change of hair. Besides, using this product can both help you keep up with current trends and help you reduce hair damage. You will not need to spend a lot of time bleaching or coloring your hair many times, just using a single ombre hair extension product.
  • However, the price of ombre hair extension products is relatively high because it needs to go through many stages to process. So creating this product requires a lot of meticulousness from those who specialize in hair extensions given how long it takes to make such a high quality product, its high price is understandable.

5S hair factory led the creation of Ombre hair extension in Vietnam

Creating a new product that can be released to the market needs to go through many stages. With the leadership in the hair extension market in Vietnam, 5S hair factory pioneers in the production of ombre hair extension products that seem to be the most difficult to do today. 5S hair factory’s products are all perfectly blended with the best material like the Vietnamese remy hair extensions and virgin hair extensions. And with Vietnamese hair, it becomes even easier to create ombre hair extension products when bleaching and dyeing hair does not cause much damage to raw hair.