Queen Hair the most reliable hair factory in Vietnam


If you are running a hair business and trying to find a reliable hair factory then this is the post for you. Queen Hair is a factory established in 2000 by Ms Jessica and has become one of the leading high quality hair factories in Vietnam.

Queen Hair has long history in the hair business

Queen Hair has been producing and distributing hair for 20 years since 2000. From the days when she first started producing hair, Ms. Jessica has devoted a lot of time to research, study and learn about the most high-tech machines on the market to apply to the hair production process. And within 20 years, Queen Hair’s hair production technologies and techniques are constantly being improved to achieve the best quality for customers.

Queen Hair has long history in the hair business

Because we have been involved in the hair industry for a long time, Queen Hair has a lot of experience in this field. Queen Hair has a team of hair experts to ensure the quality of the company’s hair. In addition, Queen Hair factory has six departments, each of which is responsible for a different task to ensure the daily work progress.

With modern production facilities as well as a long-standing reputation in the profession, Queen Hair can ensure that every product that reaches customers’ hands always achieves absolute satisfaction.

Queen Hair’s products

Queen Hair always tries to ensure that our products are qualified for the following three criteria: quality, price and variety. At Queen Hair, our products are always double-checked before leaving the factory in order for every hair bundle to be of the best quality when it comes to the customers. Below we will analyze in detail these three criteria of Queen Hair.

The high-quality of Queen Hair’s products

The first reason why we can be confident in Queen Hair’s products is because we collect from extremely good hair sources. Queen Hair has an agreement with the women in the mountains of Vietnam. They have a very healthy diet, most of their diets are fresh vegetables, in addition, the women there always clean their hair with herbs. So their hair is extremely smooth, thick, and silky.

The high-quality of Queen Hair’s products

The next reason for Queen Hair’s high quality products is because of our long experience in the hair industry. So we have the ability to create the best quality hair, the hairs are always silky and especially will not tangle, do not shed and have a long lifespan. All Queen Hair’s products are 100% real human hair, taken from a single donor. Our hair’s cuticle are still intact and aligned. Because of such high-quality, our hair can be used up to 5 years with proper care.

The affordable price of Queen Hair’s products

Queen Hair – Top reliable Vietnamese hair factory has low cost workers at factories. So the price to produce hair is always kept to a minimum, which is why the price of our hair bundles is of extremely high quality but the prices are still reasonable.

The affordable price of Queen Hair’s products

Queen Hair is located in the raw material area. This means that Queen Hair collects hair from people in the country, not importing hair from others. So there will be no additional fees such as shipping fees, operating fees, taxes. That is why, the price for hair has also been reduced a lot. Compare to other hair factory, Queen Hair are always confident that we can bring the best quality with affordable price for our customers.

The diverse of Queen Hair’s products

Queen Hair’s products are extremely diverse and versatile. This stems from the fact that Queen Hair’s hair quality is extremely good. Queen Hair products can be created into many hairstyles without being damaged. They are completely bleachable, perm or dyed into many different colors.

The diverse of Queen Hair’s products

In addition, Queen Hair also has a lot of experience in hair production, so Queen Hair can create many styles and colors to meet the needs of all customers. Queen Hair has been manufacturing and distributing human hair for years now, with thousands of businesses around the world importing our hair, the feedback of our products are always completely satisfied with the quality.

Queen Hair ranks in top 5 hair vendors list in the world. They are is confident that products are certified of three elements: high quality, affordable prices, and product variety. In general, Queen Hair is a reputable hair factory, we can guarantee that we can meet the needs of our customers and give each user good quality products with an affordable price. If you are running a hair business, you should definitely contact them to check on our products, our customer service are always on the line 24/7 to answer any questions.

Queen Hair top 1 hair factory

Visit our official website at queenhair.ng if you want to learn more about Queen Hair’s goods.