Vietnamese short grain rice: Secrets of a special rice variety


It is certain that consumers have the chance to try a dish using Vietnamese short grain rice and cannot deny its delicious taste. Consumers should know some basic aspects of Vietnamese short grain rice.

An overview of Vietnamese short grain rice

Vietnamese short grain rice accounts for a substantial portion of the total, with glutinous rice and japonica rice providing some eye-catching products.

Main features of Vietnamese short grain rice

Short grain rice is a somewhat rounder kind of rice found in Vietnam. When compared to other types of rice, practically all Vietnamese short grain rice has a soft and sticky texture when cooked. Furthermore, Vietnamese short grain white rice is of excellent quality, with notable features such as swollen, dry, spongy, and fragrant rice. New markets, such as the Middle East and Gulf nations, are the main markets for Vietnamese short grain rice.

Where is Vietnamese short grain rice cultivated?

Vietnam has two of the world’s greatest deltas for agricultural output, with certain locations in central Vietnam contributing as well.

  • The Red River Delta has a high yield due to peasant agricultural expertise, and it plays an essential role in the production of Vietnamese short grain rice. The Red River Delta is constantly at the top of Vietnam’s rice-growing zones, thanks to various technological developments. The Hanoi Agricultural Development Center plans to establish 25-30 high-quality Japonica rice production sites with safe requirements by 2025, totaling 1,920 hectares and a total supported expenditure of 23.2 billion VND.
  • The Mekong Delta has positioned itself as Vietnam’s number one rice-producing region, accounting for more than 90% of the country’s rice exports. Currently, glutinous rice, one of the greatest Vietnamese short grain rice, is grown in a number of locations around the Mekong Delta, with approximately 198,000 acres per crop.

Leading products of Vietnamese short grain rice and their benefits

Vietnamese rice manufacturers concentrate on two main lines of Vietnamese short grain rice, which are in high demand in importing nations.

Glutinous rice

Glutinous rice is a sticky type of Vietnamese short grain rice that is popular across Asia. Glutinous rice has no digested gluten (no glutenin or gliadin), hence it is acceptable to eat on a gluten-free diet. Sticky rice differs from other forms of rice in that it does not include amylose and instead has a high amount of amylopectin.

Japonica rice

Since 2015, Japonica rice has been widely farmed in Vietnam. Japonica ric

Vietnamese short grain rice

e grains are round, pliable, and contain amylopectin due to their lower amylose content. White rice grains are fluffy and round like pearls when cooked, with a sweet flavor and nourishment. This is a premium Japanese rice type that is produced in the Mekong Delta’s fertile alluvial soil. Because Japonica rice is fairly hard, if you don’t know how to cook it, your Vietnamese short grain rice will not be as fragrant as you want it to be.

Channels to buy Vietnamese short grain rice

Because the need for rice continues to rise, people may easily obtain Vietnamese short grain rice through a variety of channels.

  • In the supermarket

Vietnamese short grain rice is available in supermarkets. This is a store that sells a variety of rice to meet the demands of customers. Please inspect the packaging carefully when purchasing to prevent purchasing fake products.

  • By using the internet

Customers may now acquire Vietnamese short grain rice from qualified suppliers at factory pricing because of the rise of e-commerce platforms. Businesses have made significant attempts to offer genuine Vietnamese items such as rice and fish sauce in other markets while keeping the original brand. Businesses selling on Amazon, eBay, or Alibaba must have a legitimate business license so that buyers can trust high-quality items at competitive costs.

  • Through big suppliers, distributors

One of the greatest methods to get Vietnamese short grain rice is to connect with large wholesalers. They will help consumers place orders, deliver freight, and give the finest service possible. When buying rice in bulk, one common method is to send a sample. Customers may then inspect the quality and negotiate with suppliers to get better pricing.

Reliable Vietnamese short grain rice brands

Customers may trust various reliable Vietnamese short grain rice brands since Vietnam is well-known for supplying Vietnamese short grain rice.

Angimex Company

Angimex is a leading supplier of Vietnamese short grain rice. Angimex, based in An Giang province, has a factory system with a capacity of 100,000 tons. As a result, the firm saves money on transportation costs between the raw material sources and the manufacturing. Vietnamese short grain rice is constantly available at a low price from the company.

Sunrise Ins Group

Sunrise Ins Group, which was founded in 2012, has a large distribution network in both the local and international markets. Sunrise Ins Group’s Vietnamese short grain rice is one of its most popular items. Other rice kinds supplied by this exporter include KDM, Japonica, and medium-grain rice.

K-Agriculture Factory

K-Agriculture Factory has grown from a tiny company to become the major exporter of Vietnamese rice, coffee, cashews, and spices in the last 25 years. The facility is supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, with the goal of bringing Vietnamese agricultural products to the rest of the globe, particularly Vietnamese short grain rice. K-Agriculture Factory has sold its products to over 80 countries throughout the world.


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