White rice in bulk: lucrative market to invest


The amount of white rice consumed and exported is enormous, which helps countries producing white rice in bulk earn huge revenue. However, it is always necessary to improve the quality of rice to meet the needs of customers.


  • An overview of white rice in bulk


We consume white rice in bulk almost every day but there is much basic information that consumers do not know.


  • Main features of white rice in bulk


White rice in bulk is also known as pureed or fully polished rice because the husk, bran and germ of the grain are removed during the processing of white rice. As a result of this processing, the taste, texture and appearance of white rice in bulk can be altered. However, removing the fatty bran and other outer layers helps prevent bacterial spoilage, insect damage, and prolongs its storage life.



  • Main consumption markets of white rice in bulk


China is the most populous nation in the world, therefore, this country also consumes more white rice in bulk than any other country, with 149 million metric tons consumed in 2020/2021.

According to the figure of 2017, Bangladesh is the largest rice-consuming market. Consumption per capita of white rice in bulk is 268kg. The two next countries that consumed a huge amount of white rice in bulk are Laos and Cambodia.


  • Different types of white rice in bulk


There are three types of white rice in bulk and their features are quite different.

  • Long grain white rice includes some famous types of rice such as ST rice, jasmine rice, basmati rice, etc. These rice varieties has won the most delicious rice in the world at least once. Long grain white rice in bulk has a length of 8mm. 
  • Medium grain white rice has some well-known names such as sakura rice, Vietnam Bac Huong rice. This type of rice is elongated in size and the average length of long grain rice and short grain rice. The grain rice has a harmony of stickiness and fluffiness of the rice grain after cooking.
  • Short grain white rice in bulk is round, high in starch content, which makes the rice grain tend to be stick together. The sticky texture and evenly enlarged grains are typical, creating a unique flavor for specialties of dishes such as Sushi, Paella – Spanish paella.

White rice in bulk has various health benefits. It can stabilize blood sugar levels, recharge your batteries, and this rice is easy to digest. 


  • Factors leading to the development of white rice in bulk


White rice in bulk is subject to many factors that help it constantly develop and be consumed most by residents in the world.

  • Production of white rice in bulk

The volume of white rice in bulk production is continuously increasing. In the course of 2020-2021, the quantity of white rice in bulk reached 504 million MT. Vietnam, Thailand and India contribute a huge volume of white rice thanks to the seasoned experience of farmers and favorable weather.

  • Demand for white rice in bulk

According to information from the Philippines, this country will need import at least 1.69 million tons of white rice in bulk in 2021 to meet demand domestic.

Besides, Bangladesh decided to import 1 million ton of white rice in bulk. It can prove that demand for white rice in bulk is enormous

  • Transportation

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, cargo delivery struggles to many troubles like port congestion, lack of containers. This pushed the logistics charges up a lot. However, many countries have the tendency to import rice from near nations, so supplying for white rice in bulk is guaranteed.


  • Ways to work effectively with suppliers of white rice in bulk


To gain the best result after every deal, customers should know how to work well with different suppliers of white rice in bulk from distinct countries.

  • First, customers should send an inquiry to suppliers to provide for them details about the white rice in bulk you would like to import.
  • Next, learning the policies and laws of exporters of white rice in bulk is a vital step because it helps to reduce the risk in the process of cooperation.
  • Read the contract carefully and make reasonable adjustments to protect the rights of two parties.
  • Finish the payment, receive the cargo and feedback the services and products to suppliers of white rice in bulk. Thanks to that, exporters have the chance to improve their quality.


  • List of the best white rice in bulk exporters


Here are top white rice in bulk exporters that customers could trust in and make some big orders.


  • ITC – one of India’s largest exporters


ITC has a huge amount of white rice in bulk exported. ITC is supplying non-basmati and basmati rice. Their main markets are Ivory Coast, South Africa, etc. With much experience in agriculture, ITC wins the trust of customers for a long time.


  • K-Agriculture Factory – one of the leading suppliers of white rice in bulk


With 25-year experience in exporting white rice in bulk, K-Agriculture Factory is the striking supplier of the best agricultural products. Their main products are jasmine rice, ST rice and many other products of white rice in bulk. To get the consultation, feel free to contact K-Agriculture via:

WhatsApp: +84855555694

Email: info@k-agriculture.com



  • Sri Sainath Industry Company


Sri Sainath Industry is a big rice supplier in India, certified by ISO and 1CRI. They have 3 main products such as steam rice, white rice in bulk and broken rice. Their quality of products is high and standardized and Sri Sainath exported their rice varieties to many countries.