Wholesale black pepper and things you should know


Traders often care about the product features, wholesale prices and competitive features of wholesale black pepper.

Quality standards of wholesale black pepper products

According to International Food Standards, the following table shows several physical and chemical specifications of wholesale black pepper:

Criteria Specifications
Black pepper NP or SP Processed pepper
Special Grade Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3
The extraneous matter (%) is no more than  0,2 0,5 1,0 1,0 0,2
Light berry (%) is no more than  2 6 10 18 2,0
Pinhead and broken berry (%) is no more than  2,0 2,0 4,0 4,0 1,0
G/L is no less than 600 550 500 450 600
Moisture content (%) no more than 12,0 12,0 12,0 12,0 12,5
Piperine content (%) no less than 4,0 4,0 4,0 4,0 4,0

Prices of wholesale black pepper

The wholesale black pepper price experienced a noticeable fluctuation from January, 2021 to November, 2021:

Countries Range of price (USD/MT)
Indonesia $3000/MT to $4543/MT
Brazil $2800/MT to $4402/MT
Malaysia $3673/MT to $6016/MT
India $4422/MT to $7566/MT
Vietnam $2888/MT to $4490/MT

Compare black pepper and other types of pepper

To distinguish different types of pepper, the table describes several differences in flavor and characteristics:

Characteristics Flavor
Black pepper Unripe fruits. Black pepper is boiled, dried in the sun until it turns black and the skin becomes wrinkled. Strongest flavor: hot, pungent, aromatic.
White pepper Ripened, skinless. Mild flavor.
Green pepper Harvest when the fruit begins to have kernels. Tart, less pungent and fresher than black pepper.
Red pepper Pepper is harvested when the peppers have totally ripped and then carefully so that the red outer skin is not rubbed. Mild flavor.

K-Agriculture as the biggest Vietnamese wholesale black pepper exporter

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